How an intelligent Dashboard provides key insights into operational costs

How an intelligent Dashboard provides key insights into operational costs


As commercial organizations start experiencing rapid growth, executive management faces unique challenges obtaining and monitoring key insights into organization wide operations. Operational data and information could be complex, and the management need a visualization solution that would simplify analysis while providing a variety of visualizations to help analyze changes in business variables.

Customer Background Customer Background

  • Our client is a well-known healthcare and eyecare services provider having franchises spread across the UK.
  • Specializing in “in-home” optical and audiology services for patients facing mobility and transportation challenges and providing free in-home eye tests, they are the fastest growing home visiting opticians company in the UK.

Requirement Requirement

  • The client was looking for an easy and intuitive way of understanding sales growth by various dimensions of business, finding variances in sales, gross profits by year and months.
  • The top management wanted to leverage such analysis to increase the company revenues and overall growth in profits.
  • They wanted to see the business performance across the franchisees and how each one of them is performing at individual level as well as for specific geography within the UK.

Scope Scope

  • The scope of the work included building dashboards which would enable the executives to comprehend sales growth throughout the business, to find variances in sales, and to view gross profits on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
  • The solution needed to leverage the existing franchise information and provide enough visibility into the business that executives could make more informed strategic decisions.

Solution Solution

  • Aress assigned a team of developers to work with the client’s management team to identify and understand critical requirements needed for putting together an effective solution.
  • To design the data visualization aspect of the solution, Aress implemented Microsoft Power BI which provided deep insights into sales turnover across different franchises, customer settlement types, and individual opticians within the organization.
  • The data visualization solution works on complex data sets covering operational data and the solution is designed to scale up analysis depending on the needs of end users
  • The entire data analysis process was designed to be highly intuitive and easy to use from the end user standpoint.

Business Benefits Business Benefits

  • The dashboards enabled better insights into customer’s franchises’ operations as well enhanced visibility into the overall business.
  • Following the implementation of the solution, the client has seen a drop in overall franchise costs and an improvement in franchise operations sales growth.
  • Analysis across various dimensions of business, finding variances in sales, gross profits by year and months is easy to carry out.
  • The management team now has a consumable and simplified view of complex data sets, providing an easier understanding of the business that ultimately supports a better decision-making process, leading to increased revenue and highlighting specific areas of the company where existing cost structure could be improved further.
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