Improving outcomes for telemarketing campaigns for a large European bank

Improving outcomes for telemarketing campaigns for a large European bank


Several financial services companies across the globe have been focusing on leveraging data to power their business, primarily for improving their marketing efforts as well as for enhancing their operational matrices. Such financial services companies have an opportunity to leverage actionable advanced analytics to achieve these goals.

Customer Background Customer Background

Our client is an established multinational Spanish banking group based in Madrid with a focus on retail banking

  • The bank used to manually perform telemarketing campaigns on periodic basis which could help add new customers and upsell newer services to their existing customer.
  • The manual telemarketing campaigns were prone to human errors and it was not helping in acquiring new customers in a highly competitive market.

Requirement Requirement

  • The management wanted to have a solution which would help in eliminating significant manual interventions in campaign list compilation.
  • The bank was also looking to have a platform in place which would help in enabling custom tailor-made campaigns that could help in increasing the customer base through increased opportunities.

Scope Scope

  • The scope of the work included analyzing the campaign marketing multivariate datasets for Term Deposits.
  • Build and test predictive models for marketing efforts.
  • Optimizing the selected model.

Solution Solution

  • Aress assigned a team of data analytics experts who performed the necessary analysis for attribute identification by analyzing historical bank campaign data and determine the attributes that lead to customer accepting a term deposit offer.
  • Aress also helped the bank in building a prediction model based on Logistic Regression, to identify the probable customers who have more likelihood to accept a team deposit offer.

Business Benefits Business Benefits

  • The solution which Aress implemented helped in improving the ROI on bank’s telemarketing campaigns.
  • It also helped in increasing the lead to opportunity rate by providing customized calling lists.
  • Due to automation, human intervention in compilation of campaign calling lists were reduced to a very low level.
  • Previous Campaign outcome Customers responding positively to a campaign in past have higher odds to accept offer than who have not
  • Education Level Prospects having higher education levels are more likely to accept the term deposit offer than other individuals
  • Contact Duration Likelihood of accepting the offer is high when contact duration is longer
  • Housing Loan Odds of accepting term deposit offer is higher for those not having a housing loan compared to customers having one
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