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Ways to Harness Analytics and Big Data for Better Business Outcomes

Posted on Sep 14, 2018
by Nitin Bhosekar (Head Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, BI Practice & Executive Vice President)
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Business leaders across organizations large and small, expect delivery of tangible business results from the data their organization generates.

It would be safe to mention that organizations today have more data than ever before. However, deriving actionable insights from the data and converting the insights into value can prove to be a daunting task for most companies.

The importance of data does not revolve around how much data an organization has but how an organization leverages the available data for analysis purposes.

Following are some of the established benefits, businesses can expect from such analysis:

  • Gaining competitive advantage over business rivals

  • Improving revenue streams, reducing costs

  • Enhancing operational efficiency

  • Creating a more data driven culture by providing a more accurate and consistent data to business users

  • Improving speed and performance of Business Intelligence and analytics systems

When an organization sets on a journey to achieve some of such benefits, one might hear this from business leaders: “We have invested in acquiring the latest technologies for data management and analytics, but we don’t have the right data management analytics capabilities to leverage them for achieving meaningful results.”

Organizations are spending a lot of money in acquiring software tools for data analytics but their in-house capability in converting data to insight and value may still fall short.

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About Nitin Bhosekar

Head Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, BI Practice & Executive Vice President

Nitin Bhosekar heads our Analytics, Big Data, BI and DW practice and is the company’s Executive Vice-President as well. Nitin has built a career on gaining business insight from data. He is a hands-on leader in business intelligence, big data & analytics with over 25 plus years of international experience.

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